Choose Our Budget Friendly Scuba Diving and Watersports Package

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scuba goa rate

1] Scuba diving (Regular)

500/-per person

Depth 8 to 10 feet

Time 5 to 10 min.

1 video

Without suit

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2] Scuba diving (Premium) – 1200/- per person

Depth 10 to 30 feet depending on the customer

Time 15 to 20 min

1 video and 10 photos

With a suit or depend on customer demand

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3] Water sport

3-ride combo Regular – 

500/-per person

Jet ski

Banana ride


seating bumper ride

jet ski ride in tarkarli

4] Water sport 3 ride combo (Premium) – 1000/-per person

No queue

Jet ski ride full round

Banana ride double-deep

Sleeping/seating bumper ride full round

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5] Parasailing (Regular)

– 500/-

per person

One regular round

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cheapest parasailing rate in malvan

6] Parasailing

(Premium) –

1000/- per person

One full round

Water deep

watersports rate in malvan

7] Scuba water sports combo (Regular) – 1200/- per person

Scuba diving regular

Water sport 3 rides regular

Parasailing regular

watersports malvan

8] Scuba water sports combo (Premium) – 2500/-

Scuba diving premium

Water sport 3 rides premium

Parasailing premium

100/- food coupon { Sanvi lunch home }

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9] Scuba Diving Combo

Daily Package from Goa

(Standard Package) – 2200/- per person

Offer rate – 1400/- per person

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10] Snorkelling

[ full face mask] –

500/- per person

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dolhpine ride in malvan

11] Dolphin Safari –

3000/- per boat

Max 10 pax

1-hour boat ride

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