PADI Certified Scuba Diving Courses

We offer numerous Scuba diving Courses for those who want to master the art of deep / shallow sea diving and experience. Anway Underwater Services is expert in providing Scuba diving and Snorkeling in Tarkarli and Malwan. Now we have come together to provide best in class and PADI certified Scuba diving courses to everyone!

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Course-1: Open Water Scuba Diving (OW)

Fees: Rs 25000/- + GST

Course Brief: Course: PADI Open Water Course

Description: Currently the most trending and on demand certification course of Scuba Diving in the world. An entry level certificate program with full of information about underwater world. Classroom session along with confined water session is included in this program of 3 -4 Days

Duration: 03 – 04 Days
Prerequisite: Nothing
Swimming Skills: Required
Min Age: 12 Years
Maximum Depth: 18 Mtrs

Course-2: PADI Advanced Open Water (AOW)

Fees: Rs 18000/- + GST

Course Brief: PADI Advanced Open Water

Description: This is upgraded version of Basic Open Water Course. In this program we cover minimum 5 different types of adventure dives in 2-3 Days. There will be a classroom session too which provides you theory knowledge of the course.

Duration: 02 – 03 Days
Prerequisite: Open Water Certification
Swimming Skills: Required
Min Age: 12 Years
Maximum Depth: 30 Mtrs

Course-3: Emergency First Responder (EFR)

Fees: Rs 8000/- + GST

Course Brief: PADI Advance Open Water

Description: This is considered as the most Important Course as it provides you the details knowledge of primary care along with Basil Life Supports as an important topic including CPR. This course will help you to take proactive decision in emergency situations.

Duration: 01 Day
Prerequisite: None
Swimming Skills: Not Required
Min Age: 10 Years

Course-4: Rescue Diver

Fees: Rs 20000/- + GST

Course Brief: PADI Rescue Diver

Description: In this course you will get to learn how to tackle emergency situations which arises while diving. Both self help and assisting other divers in in problematic situation can be teach. Learning these tactics will take you to a new level I this field.

Duration: 03-04 Days
Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Certification + Emergency First Responder Certification
Swimming Skills: Required
Min Age: 15 Years

Course-5: PADI Dive Master (DM)

Fees: Rs 50000/-+ GST

Course: Dive Master

Description: This is your first level of becoming a PADI Professional. Learning and experiencing all the aspects of Scuba Diving with professional training and guidance.

Prerequisite: Rescue Diver + Emergency First Responder Certification + 40 Logged Dives
Swimming Skills: Required
Min Age: 18 Years